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A 2.0 technology dedicated to the real estate industry.

socialIMMO is a generator of videos and publications in social media. socialIMMO proposal is to post attractive ads on Facebook and Twitter from photos and descriptions of the listings imported directly from the business software. It also allows you to automatically generate videos to be shared on Facebook and YouTube without any required knowledge. This new tool is the easiest and fastest way to animate your different communities in real time.

On Facebook in no time

Your listings' images and descriptions are imported directly from your business software. You will only have to select the pictures so that socialIMMO posts an attractive and customized ad in real-time.

Your ads in video

You also have the possibility to create a quality video using the images of your listings. This video can be shared on your website and on your social media to optimize its visibility.

Unlimited contents

The different ads posted on Facebook will allow you to highlight your listings and gain more visibility in no time.

The power of your network

Boost your listings by integrating Facebook in your prospection strategy. Your Facebook page will be animated immediately.

Original posts

Stand out by creating original and customized publications. Your data is imported directly from your business software. Choose the photo that will be automatically published in a listing form.

Boost your strategy

Without any computer knowledge required, socialIMMO is the best solution to optimize and manage your community in real-time and get people to talk about you.

Save time

socialIMMO allow you to optimize and manage your social media and showcase your listings with a few simple clicks.

Upgrade your image

Thanks to custom-made templates including your brand image, make Twitter an indispensable tool in your online presence strategy.

Original listings

socialIMMO automatically generates quality videos from your listings' photos and descriptions. For this, simply select photos, music, one of our custom templates and that's it!

A new strategy

Knowing that four billion videos are viewed in the world each day and that they generate seven times more views than a simple publication, why not take advantage of it? Highlight your listings thanks to automatically created videos.

Be more efficient

socialIMMO updates your videos daily according to the property's information. You don't have to worry about updates anymore!

Buzz in your network

Beside highlighting your listings on YouTube, the automatically generated videos can be shared on your social media and your website.

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